Enrollment in the course “Development of skills for working with people suffering from the effects of experienced violence and resettlement from the zone of military operations” is open
29. June 2015
The projects to prevent discrimination are launched
27. February 2017
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The first part of the training “Strategies for countering prejudice and discrimination”  was held in Kiev from the 9th to the th of July 205 to learn effective strategies for anti-discrimination activity. 5 volunteers and social service professionals from ten Oblasts in Ukraine including Lviv, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk Oblasts took part in the training course. The trainers were the experts from the project “Perspectives Change plus” (ZWST, Germany) who were involved into training elaboration. Each volunteers has a huge experience under his belt so in the process of training there was a lot of time given to the exchange between the attendees the experience and information what was essential for behavior of the whole group.

The former training was primarily aimed to motivate attendees to be engaged into in-depth analysis of their ideas and thematic self-reflection.

Special attention was given to the introduction of M. Chernivsky’s  reflex approach  and the methods used. The training was based on the reflection of personal biography, analysis of practical work and generation of specialized knowledge. Special attention was also given to the interactive forms of communication and group behavior. The training was delivered with account of needs and interests of the attendees as well as using such methods as M. Chernivsky’s reflex approach, role-playing games, thematic discussions, work in small groups, theatrical and pedagogical methods, as well as the results of the project “Perspectives Change” (ZWST, Germany).

In the process of training the following issues were carefully investigated:

  • problems of ethnic, religious, social and political differences and conflicts;
  • self-identification, collective memory;
  • prejudices and factor reflections leading to the prejudices formation towards different groups, to isolation and discrimination.

At the end of the training the attendees noted that they were touched by personal emotions and reflex experiences. The feedback received indicates that all attendees are looking forward to continuing their studies.