Reducing socioeconomic conflict through social enterprise

Like any military conflict, the war in Eastern Ukraine is also giving ride to numerous economic problems; problems which are becoming continually acute. This not infrequently creates social tensions and conflicts. For example, internally displaced persons and war returnees often have limited access to the labour market, the humanitarian assistance given to internally displaced persons more than occasionally gives rise to envy and hostility amongst some of the local population, some of whom equally live in poverty. The project pillar “Social enterprise as a strategy of post-conflict rehabilitation” provides civil society with a possible course of action for coping with this potential for conflict.


  • Provision of training in social enterprise as an effective instrument of post-conflict rehabilitation
  • Start-up support for four social enterprises 
  • Promotion of two Ukraine-wide information campaigns on “Social enterprise as an effective course of action in socio-economic post-conflict rehabilitation”
  • International conference on “Social enterprise as way to counteract socio-economic conflicts in Kyiv”

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