Enrollment in the course “Development of skills for working with people suffering from the effects of experienced violence and resettlement from the zone of military operations” is open

Enrollment in the anti-discrimination educational training is open
24. June 2015
25. July 2015
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Non-government organization “German and Russian Exchange” and public initiative “KrymSOS” under German Ministry of foreign affair support invite the volunteers and nonprofit association employees to take part in the educational program “Development of skills for working with people suffering from effects of violence and resettlement from the zone of military operations”. The first training is held on August 29-3 in Kiev.


The seminar is intended for the volunteers and corporate employees who:

  • Face mental consequences of war, violence and relocation from the  zone of military operations at their job;
  • Are engaged in the evacuation of people from the war zone;
  • Have the first / direct contact with people who have experienced violence / traumatic situations; they receive them at the resettling locations, they are the first to hear their stories about their experiences in the zone of military operations.

This seminar is not intended for the professional psychologists, physicians.

Date held:

The st part of the training course: on 29.8.-3.8.205 from 0.00 am till 6.00 pm including lunch and coffee brakes.

The 2nd part of the training course: on 03.0.-05.0.205 from 0.00 am till 6.00 pm including lunch and coffee brakes.

You are kindly requested to arrange your well timed arrival by the start of the training (in the evening on 28.8.) and departure after the end of the training (say, after 8.00 pm on 3.8. or in the morning on .9.).

Topics and intentions:

Many people from eastern Ukraine who are seeking security in other regions of the country have experienced severe violence and are traumatized. At the seminar we are going to investigate what trauma means for such people and how they can be supported. The range of topics covers the introduction to the trauma psychology, overcoming critical situations and preventing volunteer burnout. In addition, we are going to discuss which organizational structures are suitable / necessary to provide good support to traumatized people.

The agenda:

st day, Saturday, 29.08.205:

On the st day a non-working meeting will take place for acquaintance and exchange of experience with psychologists / psychotherapists who participate in another training of this project and work with traumatized people. The meeting is modulated by the experts who conduct the seminar.

In addition within the meeting a working group will be founded to prepare booklet on trauma which helps:

  • Victims and their relatives to get information about symptoms of the post traumatic diseases ;
  • Victims can  be motivated to have a psychologist / psychotherapist consultation;
  • To provide the long term counter actions to the prejudice associated with the psychotherapeutic treatment.

2nd day, Sunday, 30.08.205:

  1. Introduction to the trauma psychology;
  2. Treatment of traumatized people.

3rd day, Monday, 3.08.205:

  1. Evaluation of critical situations and strategies to deal with them.
  2. Burnout prevention:
  • What does “burnout” mean?
  • What does “indirect traumatization” mean?
  • How to recognize overwork?
  • Stress control.

2nd training program:

2nd training program will be constructed according to the results and practice of thest training.


Gisela Scheef-Maier and Ph.D. Boris Friele have specialized for many years in psycho diagnostic examination and psycho therapeutic treatment of traumatized refugees. Both work in the Treatment Center for Victims of Torture in Berlin

The experts do not speak Russian so the seminar will be translated from German into Russian.

To take part in the training, please complete the application by August the 2th.

Competitive selection. The hosts pay for accommodation, meals and transportation. For all questions related to the training, please contact: ostrykov@krymsos.com.