Development of strategies to prevent domestic violence as a consequence of war

As in all societies affected by military conflict, there has been a significant rise in domestic violence in Ukraine. One of the project´s goals is to highlight possible courses of action and preventative measures on how conflict-related domestic violence can be tackled. The focus in this respect is on men as a target group as the emphasis in the past has been primarily on the victims of violence, with hardly any effort being made to correcting the attitudes of the offenders: the intention therefore is that men, who will form the focus of attention for dealing with this problem through civil society, should receive training in mobilising other men in raising public awareness to prevent war-related domestic violence. This series of trainings will be conducted by experts from the Russian North Caucasus who have already been effective in countering the problem using this approach.


  • Training of male multipliers in prevention work in order to counteract war-related domestic violence
  • Support for ten mini-campaigns aimed at reducing and preventing war-related domestic violence
  • International round table on effective ways to prevent domestic violence as a consequence of war

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