Methodological guidebook “Antidiscrimination work in conflict-affected regions” has been published in three languages!

Anti-discrimination trainings for social workers and psychologists take place in Nikopol
3. December 2018
Study guide on the topic “Forum theater as a method of recovery and preventing future conflicts” was published in Russian!
22. February 2019
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The methodological guidebook “Antidiscrimination work in conflict-affected regions” in three languages sums up our biennial training program “Strategies for preventing and overcoming discrimination caused by military conflict” and presents antidiscrimination approaches and methods that Germany has been guided by in recent years to combat discrimination, but now also in Ukrainian and Russian languages for the first time. Additionally the methodological guidebook has been published in English in order to facilitate its use by as many civil society activists from other countries of the world as possible in their important work.

The methodological guidebook has now been published and is available for download in three languages on our project website.

The author of this methodological handbook is Marina Chernivsky – an expert on combating discrimination issues from Germany, an invited specialist to support our project, director of the Berlin “Strategies for preventing and overcoming discrimination caused by military conflict” and the head of the project “Change of Perspective Plus” implemented by the Central charitable organization of Jews of Germany (ZWST, Germany).

In addition, Marina Chernivsky took up the internal conceptual leadership of our training program “Strategies for preventing and overcoming discrimination caused by military conflict”, which included four modules (5 days in total) and the implementation of 5 mini projects by trainees.  The program was carried out in two stages. During the first two modules, which took place in the framework of the previous project of the same name in 205–206, Ukrainian influencers dealt with the origin of prejudices, stereotyped thinking and the ability to recognize various manifestations of discrimination.Then, within the framework of the current project (206–209), they were trained on the basis of the data obtained regarding strategies for moving away from discriminatory behavioral models and various tools for preventing and resolving conflict situations. In addition, they were given the opportunity to directly apply the newly acquired skills in the framework of 5 mini projects. Thanks to the latter, they managed to call various social groups in Ukrainian society (such as, for example, schoolchildren, anti-terrorist operation (ATO) participants, teachers and psychologists in schools, social workers, regional government bodies and public organizations) to awareness of the discrimination caused by the conflict, as well as to influence to reconsider and change by many of them habitual behavior patterns.

In addition to this publication, you will also find all the other materials and videos created as part of our project “Overcoming the Consequences of War together” and the project of the same name on our website: these are sorted on two separate sub-pages according to the respective working directions, in which each one was created.

All publications and videos that were created in the context of our project are not only for viewing, but can also be downloaded as PDF files and used in your own work (with corresponding source reference).