Counteracting conflict-related discrimination

Some social groups are particularly affected by discrimination as a result of the war. As such, in certain Ukrainian regions social inclusion often proves difficult especially for war returnees and their families, as well as for internally displaced persons. With the continuation of the training for multipliers in anti-discrimination work in conflict zones which was begun in the predecessor project, in a second module the project provides training to turn these activists into trainers and advisers.

With training in the method developed by our cooperation partner “Perspektivwechsel Plus” based on the anti-bias approach, these individuals are qualified to raise awareness amongst specific target groups of their own discriminatory behaviour as well as to highlight potential courses of action to counter and prevent discrimination.


  • Training courses focussing on reducing and preventing conflict-related discrimination
  • Promotion of five mini-projects aimed at eliminating conflict-related discrimination
  • Publication of a trilingual book of methods on the prevention of discrimination in conflict regions

Relevant publications