Training of men on how to deliver seminars and information campaigns on counteracting the domestic violence caused by the war conflict in Ukraine continued

“Discrimination is imperceptible, but it exists“- Teaching in effective strategies of anti-discrimination work in Ukraine
24. April 2017
The short film “Transit Point” as a result of one of our sub-granted projects for discrimination overcoming associated with the conflicts was shown at “The Human Rights Educational Festival 2017“ in Chernigiv
8. September 2017
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Under the educational course “From rehabilitation to education and practice of counteracting the critical growth of domestic violence as a consequence of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine” the second training module was held on May 27-29 in Kyiv. 8 men among (former) combatants in the east of Ukraine and internally displaced persons who are ready to counteract the negative consequences of war, particularly domestic violence in Ukrainian society, participated in this project. The educational course consists of four consecutive modules.

As well as the first module that participants completed in April 207, the second module included rehabilitation and methodological components. Trainings on capacity building for trainers, preparation and delivering of own seminars aimed at involvement of men into activities regarding counteracting the domestic violence were held at this stage of program. Simulations of such training were held in the end of the program where participants with the support of trainers had the opportunity to put the acquired moderator skills into practice and deepen the gained knowledge.

Upon the completion of this module the participants will apply to the gained knowledge in actual life where they will organize and deliver seminars for war-affected initiative groups of men in their cities. The origins of domestic violence during the war in the east of Ukraine will be discussed during these seminars and possible response strategies will be elaborated as well. The seminars will be delivered with the financial and professional support under our project.

The next step would be the third module of the educational course where participants will be trained in organization of information campaigns regarding the reduction and prevention of domestic violence caused by the war conflict and participants will deliver such campaigns locally and involve male initiative groups gathered by them therein. Ten information campaigns are planned to be funded under our project.