The third module of training men for delivering of seminars and information campaigns on countering domestic violence caused by the consequences of war

Training on effective strategies for anti-discrimination work in Ukraine has been concluded
19. December 2017
1. Anti-discrimination activity via Oleksey Bida’s film “Transit Point” and Olga Platonova’s guidance recommendations
2. March 2018
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From January 27 to January 3 the third educational module was held in Odesa under the training “From rehabilitation to education and practice of counteracting the critical growth of domestic violence as a consequence of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine”. Eleven men among (former) combatants in the east of Ukraine and internally displaced persons who are ready to counteract the negative war consequences and domestic violence in Ukrainian society in particular. During this educational course consisting of 4 modules they will learn how to conduct the community activities aimed at the involvement of other men into the practices on prevention of violence as a consequence of war.

Upon the finishing of first two modules in 207, the participants organized and delivered seminars for initiative groups of war-affected men (for former combatants and for internally displaced persons as well) in their oblasts as follows: Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Odesa. During these seminars together with other men they discussed origins of domestic violence during the war in the east of Ukraine and elaborated possible response strategies.

During the third module the participants completed training on organization of information campaigns regarding the reduction and prevention of domestic violence as the consequences of war conflict. Working in small groups they developed a conception of their future projects on their own.

Trainers paid special attention to a combination of two different forms of public work as follows: in-person meetings and information campaigns because only due to this combination the delicate topic of domestic violence may be properly conveyed to as many people as possible.

In addition to training and implementation of information campaigns the participants learned how to film and assemble a video by means of speech communication, mass media and social media. As a practical exercise they created 2-minute video clips on topic “Domestic violence as a consequence of war” during the seminar. This resulted in presentation of 5 video clips aimed at different target audience among men (former combatants, internally displaced men, professional sportsmen, etc.).

During the period from March, 208 to June, 208 seven information campaigns in total will be implemented in 6 oblasts of Ukraine (Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Kyiv and Odesa). These campaigns will be implemented by the participants of our training together with those men who were motivated at the seminars.

The information campaigns and delivered seminars will be implemented with our professional and financial support under the educational course.