21. June 2018

The information campaign “Men against violence” was held in Dnipro

During the period from April, 208 to May, 208 the information campaign entitled “Men against violence”, aimed at counteracting the domestic violence as a consequence of […]
31. May 2018

International Round Table in Kyiv: “Dealing with men on domestic violence topic: efficient prevention practices, dealing with offenders”

Due to the conflict in east of Ukraine there exists a growing aggression and violence in society that afflict such vulnerable segments of the population as […]
7. May 2018

The fifth module of the certified supervision training course for socially engaged psychotherapists has taken place

From 3 to 7 April, as part of our project, the fifth training session of our six-module-long supervision training for socially engaged therapists in Ukraine took […]
16. April 2018

Six out of seven information campaigns on the prevention of domestic violence caused by the consequences of the war have started

From the beginning of April to the end of May, in six different regions of Ukraine seven information campaigns will be conducted to prevent domestic violence […]
2. March 2018

1. Anti-discrimination activity via Oleksey Bida’s film “Transit Point” and Olga Platonova’s guidance recommendations

The documentary film “Transit Point” created by Oleksey Bida, as well as the guidance  recommendations collected by Olga Platonova for conducting a media lesson for the […]
16. February 2018

The third module of training men for delivering of seminars and information campaigns on countering domestic violence caused by the consequences of war

From January 27 to January 3 the third educational module was held in Odesa under the training “From rehabilitation to education and practice of counteracting the […]
19. December 2017

Training on effective strategies for anti-discrimination work in Ukraine has been concluded

The second and the last training module in strategies of prevention and reduction of discrimination caused by conflicts has took place from December to December 4, […]
8. September 2017

The short film “Transit Point” as a result of one of our sub-granted projects for discrimination overcoming associated with the conflicts was shown at “The Human Rights Educational Festival 2017“ in Chernigiv

The historical context is very important to explain the common factors that are shared by our society. The formation of negative common factors and appearance of  […]